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Bonus EP3 | Genevieve Reeves | HSKPod Head, Shoulders, Knees & POD (HSKpod)

We’re currently working on developing the podcast for a bigger and better Season 2 but in the meantime, we are having some short chats with people from the industry about how they’re coping with these pandemic times. In this bonus episode, we chat to independent dance artist and filmmaker Genevieve Reeves about combining her skills to create new opportunities for work even in a pandemic, her work as a Digital Artist with Scottish Dance Theatre, the level of support for graduating dance artists and, as a result, creating an international contemporary community on Instagram with Covid dance. Transcript is available on our website – hsk-pod.com/ Weblinks: https://www.instagram.com/genvv/ https://www.instagram.com/covid.dance/ https://www.instagram.com/herd.of/ http://thesebonesthisfleshthisskin.com/ Every Map Has A Scale – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOCmLnR_yij1dveWNII5qEJidew0pzzF8 hsk-pod.com/ http://www.instagram.com/hskpod/ Hosted by Matilda Bjarum Produced, Edited and Social Media by Katie Daniel If you’d like to support us to make the podcast better in Season 2, we’d really appreciate it if you could consider donating to the podcast at bit.ly/3jTsoB2
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