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Show Notes | TuTuMucky by Scottish Dance Theatre | HSKPod Head, Shoulders, Knees & POD (HSKpod)

We're back with another episode of Show Notes – a series where we give you insider knowledge about specific dance productions. We're back again with Scottish Dance Theatre to speak to them about their production of TuTuMucky by choreographer Botis Seva. In this conversation, Matilda chats with Scottish Dance Theatre company dancer Jessie Roberts-Smith who was part of the original creation process. Jessie talks about the way dancers think about resistance and tension in their bodies which builds into an explosive release, she tells us what the piece celebrates and let's us know what audiences can expect to take away from the experience. TuTuMucky is currently on tour as part of a double bill – tour and ticket info at scottishdancetheatre.com/works/tutumucky A transcript of this episode is available on our website – hsk-pod.com/ Weblinks: http://www.scottishdancetheatre.com/works/tutumucky http://www.instagram.com/scottishdancetheatre/ http://www.farfromthenorm.com/ hsk-pod.com/ http://www.instagram.com/hskpod/ Hosted by Matilda Bjarum Produced, Edited and Social Media by Katie Daniel If you’d like to support us to make the podcast better in Season 2, we’d really appreciate it if you could consider donating to the podcast at bit.ly/3jTsoB2 Image by Brian Hartley
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