Bonus Episodes

We’re currently working on developing the podcast for a bigger and better Season 2 but in the meantime, we are having some short chats with people from the industry about how they’re coping with these pandemic times. 

Two people smile at the camera in front of a black and white swirly background
On the left is a white woman with long brown hair and a fringe with blue eyes and is wearing a grey beanie hat
On the right is a white man with blue eye and a beard who is wearing a black hat

BONUS EPISODE 1: Bobbi Lo Produktion
In this bonus episode you’ll hear our chat with Michael and Lava from Bobbi Lo Production, a Swedish based dance company, as they tell us about their current project ’28 Solos 28 Days’. The project enlists a different dance artist, from other Nordic dance companies as well as freelancers, every day throughout February to do a live performance on their Instagram. 

Bonus Ep1: Bobbi Lo Produktion
A white woman with blonde hair is smiling at the camera

BONUS EPISODE 2: Emma Jayne Park
In this bonus episode we sat down with Emma Jayne Park also known as the Cultured Mongrel to discuss finding ways to reconnect with our bodies, increasing transparency and demystifying elements of the industry and re-evaluating being an artist with balancing the multi-faceted roles that come along with that. 
Daily Dancing
There Are No Stupid Questions

Bonus Ep2: Emma Jayne Park / Cultured Mongrel
A white woman with long brown hair and dark coloured eyes looks at the camera

BONUS EPISODE 3: Genevieve Reeves
In this bonus episode, we chat to independent dance artist and filmmaker Genevieve Reeves about combining her skills to create new opportunities for work even in a pandemic, her work as a Digital Artist with Scottish Dance Theatre, the level of support for graduating dance artists and, as a result, creating an international contemporary community on Instagram with Covid dance.
these bones, this flesh, this skin
Every Map Has A Scale

Bonus Ep3: Genevieve Reeves

BONUS EPISODE 4: Carl Aquilizan
In this bonus episode, we had the pleasure of speaking to the freelance dancer and choreographer Carl Aquilizan, we talked about his current choreographic project: dis_func, the challenges and realizations in the early stages of his professional dance career, and how joy for dance brings dance.

Bonus Ep4: Carl Aquilizan
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